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  • The Segmentation and Targeting Process in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Segmentation and Targeting Process in the Pharmaceutical Industry | Today’s pharmaceutical market is full of dynamic changes driven by highly informed customers wanting to get the best product at a fair price. Opening new digital communication channels speeds up their learning and their decision-making processes. Understanding the decision-making triggers is key in earning the customer’s approval at the crucial moment in the selling process.&nbs […]

  • Key Account Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Modern Approach

    KAM in the Pharma industry | In recent years, the prescribing power has shifted from the hands of the individual clinician and is now shared amongst groups, committees, or networks of medical, social, administrative, payer and patient representatives. The pharmaceutical industry’s response to this expansion of decision-making groups is the growing adoption of Key Account Management (KAM) - or Strategic Account Management - as its primary business model. […]

  • Segment to Survive-One Size Doesn’t Fit All

    Have we been focusing on a “one-size-fits-all” approach to sales force effectiveness? As the sheer size of the typical pharmaceutical salesforce increasingly comes into focus and as budgets are under pressure like never before, we increasingly find that senior management is beginning to ask questions, such as this. […]