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Develop your skills with our

We provide standard and customised learning solutions.

Our unique methodology “Learning by doing” seeks to maximise learning retention and mindset change by combining serious games with eLearning.

√ Marketing, sales, compliance, product knowledge and a lot more…
√ Stand alone or integrated with your own Learning Management System
√ Works on all your devices (Smartphones, iPads, …)
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Citation quote
Actando simulation helped us in implementating successful account planning in our Key Account Management teams. A very attractive and effective way of building business awareness.
Wojciech Duda – Training & Development Manager, Novartis Poland

At Actando we have a team of industry experts and software developers
who have an extensive experience in developing Learning Solutions
Our “Learning by Doing” methodology utilises serious games and therefore,
is more effective at learning and changing mindsets than any other training


Blended Learning


Serious Games

Finance for marketing
Multi-Channel Marketing
Key Account Management
Launch Excellence
Brand Planning
Business Planning
...and many others!
We have developed eLearning in marketing and sales,
product and disease knowledge and a lot more!


Blended Learning


Serious Games

In 17 languages
5,000 managers
In 2016, we have upskilled using our blended learning programs...


Blended Learning


Serious Games

You can assess your own competencies with our online assessment centre
using more than 3,000 quiz questions, case studies and feedback surveys…


Blended Learning


Serious Games

And if you want to build your own Internal Academy,
we provide the most user-friendly learning management systems.
That’s what our 75,000 eLearners tell us!
If you want to know more about Actando Learning Solutions…

Do it yourself with our

We provide standard and customised commercial excellence and implementation tools.

You are the expert. We provide the tools and methodologies used by consulting companies to do it yourself.

√ Sizing, action planning, launch planning, carryover calculation, and a lot more…
√ Transfer of expertise so you can work in autonomously
√ Works on all devices (Smartphones, iPads, …), online and offline

We improved our commercial contribution by 5% by reorganising our marketing and sales resources. Using Resource Optimisation Planner was extremely useful and saved us a lot of time!”
Commercial Excellence Manager – Global Pharma Company

В Actando работает команда специалистов и разработчиков ПО
с огромным опытом в создании инструментов для принятия решений
Инструменты для SFE
Инструменты для реализации
Мы разрабатываем два типа инструментов принятия решений
Он часто используется в качестве инструмента для реализации после прохождения программы по запуску продукта.
Он позволяет координировать выполнение всех задач до, во время и после запуска продукта.
Инструмент для планирования запуска продукта - это онлайн инструмент для совместной работы членов команды над проектом.
Для реализации: Инструмент для планирования запуска продукта
Инструмент для оптимизации ресурсов позволяет SFE менеджерам выполнить проект по оптимизации без внешней поддержки.
Он требует применения различных вычислений, которые удобнее выполнить с помощью соответствующего инструмента.
Типичным примером является проект по оптимизации ресурсов.
SFE менеджеры являются экспертами в своей области, но часто им нужны правильные инструменты, используемые консалтинговыми компаниями для реализации проектов.
Инструменты для реализации: Инструмент для оптимизации ресурсов
Если Вы хотите узнать больше об инструментах для SFE...

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About Actando

Actando was founded in 2010.
Over the past 6 years our approach has been used extensively in the healthcare industry. Over that period of time, we have worked with and delivered learning solutions and decision making tools to more than 100 companies and over 75,000 users around the world.
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Our work

Effective learning and development is about adopting new competencies and behaviours, and implementing them. This is what we do at Actando.

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I believe we have the people, the products and the experience to upskill and equip your organization more effectively than anyone else. Our focus on continuous product development and adaptation ensures that our materials are always up-to-date. Take a look at our standard learning solutions and decision making tools, and if there is something you need that we do not have, just let us know, we will develop it for you!

Actando CEO Testimonial - Learning Solutions and Decision making ToolsAlexandre Dauge, M.D. – CEO


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