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  • Blended training: Why your marketers need to learn by doing

    In the first part of this article we discussed the typical challenges marketers are facing in the pharmaceutical industry and we reviewed the three different methods of learning. We advise you to read over the first part of this guide if you need to refresh your memory.&nbs […]

  • How to Design Successful Training Programmes for Pharma Marketers? (Part 1)

    Have you ever really sat down and thought of the skills you need to be a successful marketer?  If you haven’t then you should really try it some day because the list is extensive, and much longer than you would initially have thought. […]

  • 3 Steps to Successful Performance Appraisal (Part 1)

    Assessing and monitoring the competencies of your marketing and sales teams is a critical management skill in today’s challenging business environment.  There are a number of ways in which we can do this, but today I thought we’d have a conversation around performance appraisals and their role as a tool in establishing and developing the competency levels of your team members. […]