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The training’s dynamism and quality generates very positive expectations, fostering participants to immediately implement the knowledge gained. The feedback from the entire team was extraordinary. Thanks for everything. Juan Parera – Sales Manager, Pfizer Established Product Spain

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The Actando online Assessment Center, also called the COCKPIT, allows you to assess the knowledge, skills and abilities of your team.

It can be used for a diagnosis of the current level or as a part of a blended learning programme to measure improvements after the programme. It uses a combination of quiz, case studies and feedback surveys (180 or 360). We own a bank of approximately 2,000 quiz in marketing and sales that we can use. But, of course we can customise and upload yours!

Assessment Overview

Our Assessment

To ensure the success of any learning intervention, it is critical to understand your team’s current baseline knowledge and the subsequent impact of the development intervention. With our COCKPIT monitoring system you get both.

An initial assessment of your organisation’s current level of knowledge, skills and abilities is conducted through a combination of online questionnaires and simulations. The results are then compared with results obtained once the programme has been delivered in order to provide an indication of the degree of learning and the extent of behavioral change.

The COCKPIT system’s flexibility allows us to measure and report at the individual employee level, as well as at regional and global team levels. In addition, our extensive experience in the area of expertise allows us to compare your results to industry benchmarks, across multiple competencies.

The COCKPIT monitoring and reporting system is also an excellent tool for managers coaching their team. It is also a great tool for individual employees to monitor their own progress and competencies.


All online questionnaires and simulations are available in English, and most of them are offered in other major languages such as Chinese, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and so on…

We are also able to develop specific assessment tools to meet your requirements, something that is particularly useful for testing topics such as product knowledge.


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