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We improved our commercial contribution by 5% by reorganizing our marketing and sales resources. Using the Resource Optimization Planner tool was extremely useful and saved us lots of time! Commercial Excellence Manager – Global Pharma Company

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Effective implementation often requires decision making tools. You are the expert! We simply provide the proper tools for you to design it…

One of the greatest challenges for any organization is implementation. Successful implementation often requires solid decision making tools that can be used after a training or just as part of your daily tasks. For example, first line sales managers need a tool that guides them through the planning process, from analysis to action plan steps. Product managers need collaborative tools to coordinate all of their tasks that their colleagues and them have to complete to be ready on time… Commercial excellence managers need tools to calculate the frequency of contacts, the carryover of their products, or sales forces reorganization…

At Actando we have been asked to provide such tools after almost all the trainings we delivered. Well, we have them ready!


  • Regional Planner – Implement your sales action plan as first line sales manager.
  • Coaching Monitor – Report and monitor your dual calls as a first line sales manager.
  • Launch Planner – Orchestrate your launch plan with cross-functional teams.
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Commercial Excellence

  • Strategic Portfolio Analysis – Evaluate the level of promotional investments across your product portfolio using market attractiveness & competitive strengths.
  • Carryover and Financial Portfolio Analysis – Deduct the carryover to get the incremental sales generated by your promotional investments and calculate the real return on your investments.
  • Resource Optimisation Planner – Size your sales forces, reorganize your promotional grids for each cycle, and immediately see the impact on your net sales and commercial contribution.
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Decision Making Tools

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