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The training’s dynamism and quality generates very positive expectations, which enable the participants to immediately implement the knowledge gained. The feedback from the entire team was extraordinary. Thanks for everything. Juan Parera – Sales Manager, Pfizer Established Product Spain

Standard and Customised

Effective learning and development is about understanding and adopting new behaviours and skills.

How often do we experience training and development interventions that do not achieve this adoption of new skills and behaviours? It is a fact that many of these training interventions fail to deliver the outcomes that had been hoped for – why is this? Put quite simply, it is because mindsets have not been changed!

People only change behaviours when their beliefs change, and in order to impact behaviours we must first change people’s mindsets. Human beings tend to resist change and that is why any learning intervention must be able to effectively change mindsets in order to facilitate a change in behavior.  It is not enough to teach people new theories; you also need to change their mindsets so they can adopt these new skills away from the classroom.

Our Blended Learning approach and “Learning by Doing” (Act and Do) methodology using serious games are more effective at changing mindsets than traditional training methods. This is why you will experience far greater impact and behavioural change with Actando than with traditional approaches and organisations.

Serious Games / Simulations

Serious games are business simulations that effectively change mindsets in the shortest possible timeframe.

A serious game is a live case study in which the computer determines the effects of your decisions. You analyse a situation and decide how to act. Serious games serve as a learning laboratory, in which you can practice and apply the concepts taught during an eLearning or an in-class. Serious games are based on complex algorithms developed by experts.

All our serious games can be customised or developed specifically for you. Just ask us.

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Although we have an extensive range of eLearning, we understand that you may have specific needs.

At Actando, we have a team of technical and industry experts, from medical doctors to highly experienced marketing and sales experts who are available to help you. We develop eLearning programmes on product knowledge, disease knowledge, compliance, marketing and sales…and a lot more.

We use JavaScript and HTML 5. Our eLearning are Scorm 1.2 (Learning Management System standard) and work on all devices.

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Blended Learning

Nothing ensures a better impact than a blended learning programme incorporating serious games and courses.

Have a look at our standard programmes below. We deliver them all worldwide, and chances are you will find them in your own language. If you don’t find, just ask us: we develop and customise.

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Our online Assessment Center (COCKPIT), allows you to assess your team’s knowledge, skills and abilities.

It can be used for a diagnosis of your team’s current level or as part of a blended learning programme to measure the improvement after the programme. It uses a combination of quiz, case studies and feedback surveys (180 or 360). We own a bank of approximately 2,000 quiz in marketing and sales we can use. But of course we can customise and upload yours.

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Learning Solutions

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